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A pub is not just for Christmas!

Posted by CAM-VIP on December 31, 2011 at 6:55 AM

The festive period brings out a different side to our characters.  It is a time when we become nostalgic and remember the warm and cosy parts of our past - with family and friends.  We come together as a community, we celebrate what we have whilst thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves.

This couple of weeks at the start of Winter is a celebration of what we hold dear to our hearts, the people and things we cherish.  It is also a time when we reflect on what is important to us, our successes and failures of the previous twelve months and our wishes for the future.  In a way, this fortnight focusses our minds on the good and bad in society and builds a resolve to 'do better' throughout the cold, bleak winter months and into the new spring.

The sense of community is enhanced by social gatherings, whether it be in a church, a village hall or in a public house.  Many more people attend these places during the festive period than at any other time of the year - to enjoy each other's company.  However, once winter kicks in, we withdraw back into our shells, leaving those places as empty shells until spring arrives.

The traditional British pub is in decline.  'Society' has moved on, we can virtually do anything in the comfort of our own home.  We can meet like-minded people online through our computers or mobile phones, chat via skype or video chat rooms.  We do not need to suffer the bar-bore or the drunk or anything that challenges or makes us think or uncomfortable - we can just turn them off!  Cheap supermarket booze can be delivered to our door and we can party to our hearts' content without any intrusion from 'undesirables'.  So why is it different during Christmas and at the New Year, why is that not enough to satisfy us?

My New Year's resolution is to challenge myself and my beliefs, to go out into the harsh, cruel world and meet up with bar-bores, other drunks, places/people and 'undesirables' that make me think or challenge me.  It is time to step out of my comfort zone and face reality - for better or for worse.

A pub is not just for Christmas, it is a National treasure that has to be protected and supported all year round - otherwise it will disappear for good along with the good times we associate with it during the festive season.


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