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'Stay Inside' VIP Nights - treating smokers like VIPs again

Posted by CAM-VIP on September 18, 2011 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The summer is over and the dark, colder nights are drawing in.  Traditionally it is a time when The Great British Pub comes into its own by offering a cozy retreat from the elements by offering hospitality, good beer and a variety of organised events to celebrate Hallowe'en, Bonfire Night, Christmas and the New Year.  The darkest, coldest winter months of January and February are made palatable by the publican offering a home away from home where members of the local community can relax in and enjoy the atmosphere.

However since the Health Act of 2006 and the subsequent smoking bans, a significant number of pub going drinkers have felt excluded from the comforts that the traditional pub can offer during the winter months; being forced to stand outside in all weathers, away from their friends and family and missing out on the best that the pub provides.  Many choose to stay at home but those who do venture out do so less often and almost feel like lepers.

If there is no amendment to the smoking ban soon, many more traditional pubs will not see the advent of spring.

The Campaign for Vaping in Pubs (CAM-VIP) may soon be in a position to give some help to those pubs that rely on their smokers to stay open.  Electronic cigarettes (ecigs) can be legally used in public places and can gives smokers some, if not all, of the satisfaction of smoking.  Until recently, ecigs have mainly been promoted only on the internet, or with the odd newspaper advert and as such a majority of smokers have still never heard of them.

The aim of CAM-VIP is to inform pub going smokers of something they can legally use inside the pub when they do not want to venture outside.  We do not sell any ecig related products but we have recently started receiving generous donations from ecig vendors which we are looking to pass on.  The intention is to organise nights where pubs treat their smokers like VIPs, letting them stay inside, enjoying everything that the pub has to offer whilst we supply them with FREE ecigs to keep them inside.  We will also supply information about ecigs, to educate the customers and a list of supporting vendors if the publican or their smokers wish to look further into this smoke-free alternative to tobacco.

Russell VR Ord

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

CAM-VIP Mobile

Posted by CAM-VIP on August 4, 2011 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The site can now be accessed from posh mobile phones - please give it a go :)

New Promo Material

Posted by CAM-VIP on July 11, 2011 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (2)

I have sent for some new promotional material in the build up to VapeFest 2011.  Here are some photos of the things ordered.

VapeFest 2011 - a great opportunity for cohesion

Posted by CAM-VIP on July 5, 2011 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (43)

The interest in this year's VapeFest is really building momentum thanks to the early organisation by the committee headed up by Wayne. With three and a half months to go, the venue has been booked, there are over 30 vendors taking part, hotels/pubs are booked out with vapers and car sharing has been organised. This momentum could turn VapeFest 2011 into a uniquely powerful tool in establishing the electronic cigarette industry and its consumers as a coherent entity equipped to take on the bureaucrats in the UK and abroad.


Next year will be a crucial one for our 'smoking alternative'. The MHRA will be back - plus NICE, the EU and WHO will all have input into whether or not we are allowed to continue enjoying our pastime. This year's VapeFest is a chance for the disperate groups of manufacturers, vendors, campaigners and enthusiasts to come together and work to a common goal - protecting our right to buy and use electronic cigarettes and nicotine liquid here in the UK.


I am not suggesting that the FUN of VapeFest should be spoiled by [email protected] BUT it is a great chance for networking and maybe signing up to an accord with the single aim stated above and swapping contact details so that interested parties can work together in the months that follow.


VapeFest is just not about vendors and consumers, it is a celebration of a 'harm reduction' alternative to smoking - something which could save thousands of lives in the next few years if it is not 'clubbed' to death in its infancy by the authorities. Many non-profiteering activists and consumers are willing to work together with the manufacturers and vendors to ensure they survive by promoting the electronic cigarette to its target audience - the smokers - these groups of people should be allowed to play a big part in the celebration is they wish.


Examples of people/groups who promote electronic cigarettes who are not vendors/manufacturers themselves include;




Vapers Network


UKVapers Forum


Allaboute-cigarettes forum


Dick Puddlecote

ECR site and forum


many, many others

These should be given equal recognition at VapeFest, of the hard work they do in promoting electronic cigarettes to smokers.


In the next three months, I would hope to see these groups designing and producing promotional material to take to VapeFest - promoting themselves and our pastime. Why should VapeFest be nothing more than VendorFest when our 'addiction' is threatened? I would hope that the media is informed about the event and that we can garner some positive press/TV coverage. I would like to see medical 'experts' who are pro tobacco harm reduction being invited, even politicians.


Let the country know that we are here and that electronic cigarettes are the 'safer' alternative to smoking tobacco!!


Sorry for the rant


Russell VR Ord

CAM-VIP and part of ECCA


Posted by CAM-VIP on April 24, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

The UK is soon to have a consumer association called ECCA UK (E-Cigarette Consumer Association).  It is my intention that CAM-VIP is represented on the ECCA committee and that the plight of the British pub is recognised.  I hope that being a part of this new initiative will increase the profile of CAM-VIP and help us recruit more smokers, vapers and publicans to the cause.

With increased membership, we can approach breweries, large pub chains as well as local pubs with a view to allowing the use of e-cigs in their establishments.  To my knowledge the limiting factor at the moment is that most of the licensed trade are not aware of the benefits of letting smokers use ecigs on their premises.  We need to promote these to them.

CAM-VIP is NOT about ecig sales, it is ONLY about trying to resurrect the link between smokers and the pubs.  People who vape in stead of smoking are the KEY people to persuade smokers and the licensed trade that this can be possible.  Let us try to achieve this together.

Support our pubs, support vaping, support vaping in pubs.

One month in!

Posted by CAM-VIP on June 26, 2010 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The campaign has been up and running for just over a month.  What has happened in that time?

  • A forum, website, facebook group and application have been set up.
  • A leaflet explaining the campaign has been made available for download.
  • The leaflet appeared in Andy Sutton's video of the York MiniFest.
  • A MiniMeet at The Anglers Rest has been arranged for the 24th of July.
  • 750 membership cards have been produced.
  • Over 90 vaping pubs have been identified thanks to Rusty and El-Cig.
  • An advert has been produced for the August edition of Northsidelife magazine, thanks to eciggyman and Jaded.
  • A Basic Guide to Vaping has been included on the site, thanks to Buggles.

All we need to do is Spread the Word about the LEGAL alternative to smoking in pubs!!



Where to start?

Posted by CAM-VIP on May 30, 2010 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (1)
This website is part of a Campaign to promote Vaping in Pubs.
 Since the smoking ban came into force on 1st July 2007, pubs and smokers have both suffered.
Vaping is an alternative to smoking that is LEGAL in pubs.
The two simple steps that follow, will help both pubs and smokers;
  1. If you are a smoker - tell your local pub about vaping.
  2. If you run a pub - tell your smokers about vaping.
This website will try to build a bank of resources to make it easier to promote vaping in pubs -  spread the word!


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