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Help needed with changes to 'Map of Vaping Pubs'

Posted by CAM-VIP on September 19, 2012 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

The list of vaping pubs is about to grow massively, for the simple reason that we are going to use CAMRA's 'Good Beer Guide' to add to the map.  This means we need to differentiate between the vaping pubs to channel ecig users and potential customers to them.

We propose to split the pubs into different categories but we need the help of the ecig companies, the pubs and their existing customers to do this by providing the following information;

Name and address of the pub

Does it sell ecigs, eliquids and/or accessories? (Y/N)

If Yes, what brand(s) does it sell?

This will hopefully make the map much more useful for everyone and will provide a springboard to promote ecig use and pubs that support it.


Coming Soon - The CAM-VIP eMagazine

Posted by CAM-VIP on June 6, 2012 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

To support our attempts to increase awareness of electronic cigarettes to pub going smokers, we will be compiling a quarterly eMagazine that can be printed off from the site and taken to your local.

We realise that many smokers and publicans are still unaware of the growing 'vaping' community due to its predominantly online nature.  The eMagazine is an ideal way of getting the information to them so that they can digest it in their own time.  Hopefully it will dispel some of the myths about electronic cigarettes, inform them of the issues regarding smoking and its alternative, promote community pubs that have embraced ecigs and more importantly entertain them.  The CAM-VIP eMagazine will also include pub related features and articles as well as a healthy dose of humour.

Here are just a few sections that we can include;


  • Smoking/Vaping and Health
  • Smoking/Vaping and Wealth
  • Smoking/Vaping Issues and News
  • Vaping Pubs (Features)
  • Vendor News and Features
  • Online Vaping Communities
  • Device Reviews/Commentary
  • Eliquid Reviews
  • How to Guides for Newbies
  • Breweries (Features)
  • Pub Issues/News
  • Beer Reviews/Commentary
  • Meet Ups
  • Offline Vendors
  • Quizzes, Jokes/PissTakes
  • You Tube Watch
  • Interviews
  • Community Events (outside pubs/vaping)
  • Memories - the good old days (Features/Commentary)
  • Impact of the internet on The Great British Pub

If you feel that you can contribute in any way, please contact us via the website.

We hope to have the first issue ready for download by the 1st August 2012.

General Apathy

Posted by CAM-VIP on June 4, 2012 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (1)

The title says it all unfortunately :(

Smokers and traditional community pubs are both on their death-beds waiting to die or to be killed off by the Government.  Do they care?  YES :)  Are most of them actively doing anything about it?  NO :(  Why not?

The slogan of the 21st Century!!

If they CBA - why should anyone else BA for them?

CAM-VIP "e-bacconists" and the VIP Partners Part 1

Posted by CAM-VIP on May 13, 2012 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Over the last two years, the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs has been spreading the word about the legal alternative to smoking in pubs.  The aim has been to increase awareness to smokers that there is an alternative to standing outside your local with a pint and missing all the fun going off inside.

Traditional pubs and what they have to offer, are becoming a real rarity.  A large section of society in 2012, does not understand the concept of a traditional community pub and what it can offer its locality.  Many people under the age of 40, have not been exposed to a real pub.  Instead, they associate pubs with either extortionately priced alcohol, somewhere to eat out or take the kids, as part of a binging pub crawl or a trendy 'pulling' place.  Many of the younger generation have never spent the whole of a single night in one pub.  This lost generation is possibly the main reason why traditional pubs are failing however, the 'smoking ban', along with the price differential between on and off sales, has contributed to the decline.

Despite the Government's attempts to stop people from smoking or discourage people from taking up the 'nasty' habit, many people (like myself) still enjoy smoking, especially with a pint or two.  The same holds true for the younger generation of smokers who we wish to attract into our traditional pubs.  One possible way of doing this is to encourage traditional pubs to become the local 21st century tobacconist or 'e-bacconist' - a place for smokers to buy their favourite brand of electronic cigarette (ecig) - as tobacco cigarettes seem to have no place in our future;


",,, both at home and internationally, we will continue to act against the vested and commercial interests of the tobacco industry.


As Secretary of State for Health, I haven’t met with those companies. Not now or when I was in Opposition as the Conservative’s health spokesman.  Their interests are not my interests.  My objective is to achieve smoke-free communities; theirs is to make a profit from selling intrinsically harmful products.  We don’t have common ground.  This is not like alcohol, where there is a level of responsible drinking and potential shared campaigns between Government and retailers.  That’s why there is no place in the Responsibility Deal for tobacco companies.  There is no responsible level of tobacco consumption." 


 "We’ll also be looking at the best ways to reduce the damage that tobacco does to smokers’ bodies, even if they can’t or won’t break their addiction to nicotine.

As you know, although nicotine is an addictive substance in cigarettes, the damage  mostly comes from the inhalation of the smoke itself.

Anything we can do to reduce that damage is well worth doing, even if some smokers can’t kick the nicotine."


(Speech: 6 March 2012, Andrew Lansley, Smoking and Health)


Smoking is becoming a very expensive and 'socially uncomfortable' pastime due to Government policies .  The good old days when we could browse the different brands on offer at our local tobacconist or choose from a selection of 'goodies' on display at our local supermarket have gone for good.  We now feel like druggies at a chemist queuing up for a methadone fix when we visit out local Tesco or Morrisons.  Another alternative is to go abroad for our supplies or descend into the 'Black Market' by purchasing those imported on our behalf.  As the policies on tobacco become harsher and harsher, smokers will have to look for an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes will become more and more popular as the Government's plans to erradicate 'tobacco consumption' and 'reduce the damage that tobacco does to smokers' bodies' take effect.  Already tobacco companies are looking to market their own brands of ecigs to replace traditional cigarettes and there will also be 'medicinal' ecigs sold in chemists throughout the country in an attempt to wean people off nicotine (the latter is not something we are interested in).

Ecigs have been on the market for about 5 years in this country.  Initially the majority of the brands available were a poor replacement for cigarettes and they were very expensive.  In the last year or so, the technology has moved on and the costs have tumbled.  Ecigs are now a true alternative to smoking where you cannot smoke, providing you buy the correct brand - a task which is much easier said than done!

CAM-VIP has been studying the ecig market for the last two years and one thing is clear.  The brands which spend the most money on advertising in the press and other media, tend to be massively overpriced for what they are.  Many of those brands give smokers unrealistic expectations of what the ecig can do and make false claims about how long they will last and what is actually in the vapour we inhale and exhale.

We have teamed up with six of the top UK online vendors of ecigs (VIP Partners) to ensure that traditional pubs wishing to be e-bacconists, will have access to the best brands at the best prices, along with all the real information and support that the smoker needs to help him/her choose the brand that is right for them.  We will be trialling this initiative in my local from June and if it is successful, we hope to roll it out to other traditional pubs across the country.

Russell VR Ord

2012 - a new age of smoking,,, a new dawn for pubs?  Let's hope so.

Minimum Pricing?

Posted by CAM-VIP on April 20, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

(logo courtesy of

Community Pubs Month

Posted by CAM-VIP on March 29, 2012 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

The month of April brings us CAMRA's latest initiative to save The Great British Pub.  It is called Community Pubs Month.  Throughout April, local pubs are encouraged to put on a myriad of events and themed nights to attract further trade.  This is backed up by a website which contains ideas to increase footfall as well as a page where the locals that have signed up can be seen.

If a community pub near you has signed up and is going to the expense of organising events and theme nights, please support them.  Give them a call and ask what they are doing on which dates, change your drinking habits for one month to spend a few full nights in a traditional pub and see how much fun it can be.

Give JD Wetherspoons, kiddy pubs and cafe pubs a miss for a month.  Forget your friday night pub crawl for a month.  Don't buy supermarket beer for a month - just give your local a try, you may actually like it :).

Real community pubs will be extinct soon without your help.  Let April be a month of nostalgia, a month of community spirit and if it doesn't work as intended by increasing trade after the 30 days, at least it would have been a good send off for a fatally ill part of British culture.

We need a committee :)

Posted by CAM-VIP on March 7, 2012 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (2)

Over the last 2 years-ish, CAM-VIP has been trying to promote ecigs to pub-going smokers with some success. It has made some progress in the vaping community and is widely seen as a success - however, the true story is that the campaign has been based around the hard work of myself and a handful of dedicated individuals.


We have got to the point where new initiatives and people are needed to take CAM-VIP to the next level. Could you be one of those people?


All you need is a few hours a month to help plan, discuss and implement new strategies to 'spread the word' about vaping to the smokers out there who appreciate what a traditional pub has to offer.


If anyone is interested in taking CAM-VIP through 2012 and the 'New Dawn for Pubs', please pm me here or email me at rvro at hotmail dot com.


Thank you for your time


Russell VR Ord

Founder of The Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

A pub is not just for Christmas!

Posted by CAM-VIP on December 31, 2011 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The festive period brings out a different side to our characters.  It is a time when we become nostalgic and remember the warm and cosy parts of our past - with family and friends.  We come together as a community, we celebrate what we have whilst thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves.

This couple of weeks at the start of Winter is a celebration of what we hold dear to our hearts, the people and things we cherish.  It is also a time when we reflect on what is important to us, our successes and failures of the previous twelve months and our wishes for the future.  In a way, this fortnight focusses our minds on the good and bad in society and builds a resolve to 'do better' throughout the cold, bleak winter months and into the new spring.

The sense of community is enhanced by social gatherings, whether it be in a church, a village hall or in a public house.  Many more people attend these places during the festive period than at any other time of the year - to enjoy each other's company.  However, once winter kicks in, we withdraw back into our shells, leaving those places as empty shells until spring arrives.

The traditional British pub is in decline.  'Society' has moved on, we can virtually do anything in the comfort of our own home.  We can meet like-minded people online through our computers or mobile phones, chat via skype or video chat rooms.  We do not need to suffer the bar-bore or the drunk or anything that challenges or makes us think or uncomfortable - we can just turn them off!  Cheap supermarket booze can be delivered to our door and we can party to our hearts' content without any intrusion from 'undesirables'.  So why is it different during Christmas and at the New Year, why is that not enough to satisfy us?

My New Year's resolution is to challenge myself and my beliefs, to go out into the harsh, cruel world and meet up with bar-bores, other drunks, places/people and 'undesirables' that make me think or challenge me.  It is time to step out of my comfort zone and face reality - for better or for worse.

A pub is not just for Christmas, it is a National treasure that has to be protected and supported all year round - otherwise it will disappear for good along with the good times we associate with it during the festive season.


VapeFest 2011 - a great opportunity for cohesion

Posted by CAM-VIP on July 5, 2011 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (94)

The interest in this year's VapeFest is really building momentum thanks to the early organisation by the committee headed up by Wayne. With three and a half months to go, the venue has been booked, there are over 30 vendors taking part, hotels/pubs are booked out with vapers and car sharing has been organised. This momentum could turn VapeFest 2011 into a uniquely powerful tool in establishing the electronic cigarette industry and its consumers as a coherent entity equipped to take on the bureaucrats in the UK and abroad.


Next year will be a crucial one for our 'smoking alternative'. The MHRA will be back - plus NICE, the EU and WHO will all have input into whether or not we are allowed to continue enjoying our pastime. This year's VapeFest is a chance for the disperate groups of manufacturers, vendors, campaigners and enthusiasts to come together and work to a common goal - protecting our right to buy and use electronic cigarettes and nicotine liquid here in the UK.


I am not suggesting that the FUN of VapeFest should be spoiled by [email protected] BUT it is a great chance for networking and maybe signing up to an accord with the single aim stated above and swapping contact details so that interested parties can work together in the months that follow.


VapeFest is just not about vendors and consumers, it is a celebration of a 'harm reduction' alternative to smoking - something which could save thousands of lives in the next few years if it is not 'clubbed' to death in its infancy by the authorities. Many non-profiteering activists and consumers are willing to work together with the manufacturers and vendors to ensure they survive by promoting the electronic cigarette to its target audience - the smokers - these groups of people should be allowed to play a big part in the celebration is they wish.


Examples of people/groups who promote electronic cigarettes who are not vendors/manufacturers themselves include;




Vapers Network


UKVapers Forum


Allaboute-cigarettes forum


Dick Puddlecote

ECR site and forum


many, many others

These should be given equal recognition at VapeFest, of the hard work they do in promoting electronic cigarettes to smokers.


In the next three months, I would hope to see these groups designing and producing promotional material to take to VapeFest - promoting themselves and our pastime. Why should VapeFest be nothing more than VendorFest when our 'addiction' is threatened? I would hope that the media is informed about the event and that we can garner some positive press/TV coverage. I would like to see medical 'experts' who are pro tobacco harm reduction being invited, even politicians.


Let the country know that we are here and that electronic cigarettes are the 'safer' alternative to smoking tobacco!!


Sorry for the rant


Russell VR Ord

CAM-VIP and part of ECCA


Posted by CAM-VIP on April 24, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

The UK is soon to have a consumer association called ECCA UK (E-Cigarette Consumer Association).  It is my intention that CAM-VIP is represented on the ECCA committee and that the plight of the British pub is recognised.  I hope that being a part of this new initiative will increase the profile of CAM-VIP and help us recruit more smokers, vapers and publicans to the cause.

With increased membership, we can approach breweries, large pub chains as well as local pubs with a view to allowing the use of e-cigs in their establishments.  To my knowledge the limiting factor at the moment is that most of the licensed trade are not aware of the benefits of letting smokers use ecigs on their premises.  We need to promote these to them.

CAM-VIP is NOT about ecig sales, it is ONLY about trying to resurrect the link between smokers and the pubs.  People who vape in stead of smoking are the KEY people to persuade smokers and the licensed trade that this can be possible.  Let us try to achieve this together.

Support our pubs, support vaping, support vaping in pubs.

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