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CAM-VIP Recommends - The SDK

Posted by CAM-VIP on December 20, 2011 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Finally, after almost two and a half years of trying to find a suitable device (ecig) for pub-going smokers, such a device has been invented in the UK by Ted Rogers from  He is getting the SDK manufactured in China so that the kit can be sold for about the price of 40 cigarettes = £12.

The kit consists of a rechargeable battery, a USB charger and two tips called cartomisers which hold the flavoured nicotine containing liquid that is to be 'vaporised'.  On the first charge with the first cartomiser, the ecig will last the equivalent to between 10 and 15 cigarettes - just enough for a night IN the pub :).  A fresh charge and the second cartomiser will see you through the second night socialising INSIDE the pub.

Additional cartomisers will cost about £1.50, so the more often you use it, the more money it saves you compared to tobacco cigarettes and the more money you can spend on ale :).

Why is it better than all the other ecigs out there?

  • The battery lasts for a full night on the beer.
  • It does not look like a cigarette yet it is small and light enough to feel like one.
  • It is the same size as a King Size cigarette.
  • It has no LED so it can be used discreetly at work or in a strange pub!
  • It is cheaper than cigarettes after 5 nights out - smoking IN the pub.
  • You can hang it around your neck so that you do not lose it at the end of a good night!

It is a slinky little device that comes in a range of flavours.  It actually makes smoking enjoyable again.

What can be better than a night in a pub, 'smoking' with your friends and enjoying what the pub has to offer?  Support The Great British Pub, support  Vaping in Pubs and let's treat smokers like VIPs again :)

The SDK can be purchased from many of the supporting vendors BUT if you are a Pub, contact [email protected] for wholesale prices and quote CAM-VIP.

Merry Christmas


2012 - a new age of smoking, a new dawn for pubs

Starting on ecigs

Posted by CAM-VIP on October 18, 2011 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

At The Anglers Rest in Wombwell, CAM-VIP gave away donated disposable ecigs to smokers for FREE.  We were also given some starter kits to raffle off which we did to raise some funds for further 'Stay Inside' VIP nights.  I also received some financial donations which allowed CAM-VIP to purchase some of the more widely available ecigs that may attract smokers or new vapers to give ecigs a go.  I got a smoker (S) and a new vaper (V) to test 3 cigarette looking ecigs and give me their thoughts - these will be outlined below.

The three ecigs bought/donated for review were the;

  • 10 Motives disposable which is available from most Tesco stores nationwide.
  • Intellicig Silky White EVOlution Starter Bundle which is available from numerous corner shop/paper shops nationwide.
  • Halo Mini Starter Kit available online from

The first part of the review here contains the initial thoughts of the smoker (S) and the new vaper (V), a follow up video will be made after they have used the products for a while.  I did not tell either reviewer the cost of the products as I wanted them to suggest how much they would have been willing to pay - before and after use :).


The 10 Motives is a disposable ecig in a brown and black coloured sealed plastic card displaying the ecig.  There is information on the front and back laid out in simple short sentences.  The packaging displays warning signs and safety information, no ingredients of the contents of the cartomiser apart from 'Nicotine content 16mg/1g atomising liquid'.

S said "Looks easy to use and looks like it is aimed at smokers."

V said "Wouldn't interest me in the slightest."

The intellicig EVOlution starter bundle is in a white and green cardboard packaging.  The information and warning signs are present.  In fact there is so much information and 'white space' on the complex interlinking packaging , that it is difficult to read because the text is quite small.

S said "Looks like a box of nicorette patches."

V said "Looks healthy, I would have been drawn to it if the three ecigs were placed side to side."

The Halo kit is in a small cardboard box that is predominately white and blue.  Warning signs and safety instructions are clearly displayed and also a list of ingredients.  The information is again laid out in simple short sentences, 'Kingsize cartomisers high traditional 1.8% nicotine by volume'.

S said "Looks like a packet of condoms."

V said "Looks like a compact kit, easy to read the contents."

If both people were just going on looks of the packaging, the smoker would have gone for the 10 Motives, the non-smoking vaping nicotine user would have picked the intellicig with both placing the Halo in the middle.

What do you get inside?

The 10 Motives is a single piece ecig, quite heavy and probably a bit larger than a superking.  When puffed on it has a blue LED.  Once the battery dies or the cartomiser dries up, it needs to be replaced.

The intellicig contains a battery, atomiser, USB charger and 5 'capsules'.  There is a substantial instruction leaflet inside which would take some reading!

S said "I would probably sit outside and smoke 2 cigs whilst I read it, or more likely, I'd roll it up and smoke it!"

V said "I could wallpaper the bathroom with that"

The Halo kit consisted of an easy to read instruction leaflet, one battery, two cartomisers and a USB charger all contained in a metal clasp case.

S said "The case is fantastic, they should really have a clear plastic part to the packaging to show the case off, it looks great!"

V said "If this is any good, I'm having it!"

By this time of the review, the 10 Motives was a secondary consideration for both the smoker and the new vaper.  They realised that disposables have their place, but if you have got the chance of pocketing a rechargeable kit for FREE - it is a matter on deciding which was better for them, the intellicig or the Halo.  They went through the motions of comparing the 3 ecigs but neither were interested in the disposable anymore.

First impressions in use?

10 Motives - Both S and V agreed that this was so simple to use.

S said "Easy to use, too much 'smoke' and the flavour is quite cig-like in a 'knock off fags' type way."

V said "I like the blue LED, it stops it from being mistaken for a real cigarette."

Intellicig - Both S and V struggled with understanding how to set the EVO up!  They couldn't be bothered to read the instructions, so I 'helped' them.  I suppose that if these are bought from the local corner shop, the shopkeeper would demonstrate how to get the kit working - we did struggle!!

S said "It looks most like a cig and I like the flavour,,,sort of like candy-floss."

V said "Way too much faff, and I don't like the fact that it looks very much like a cigarette."

Halo - Both S and V agreed that this was simple to use, the case kept all the bits together and looked great!

S said "I'd have no problems in taking this kit out with me for when I cannot have a cigarette.  It is very convenient and easy to use"

V said "The case and simplicity of the product are its selling points, plus it does not produce as much vapour as the other two, which I like!"

The Halo was now winning hands down.  Simple to use, nice case (both female reviewers btw) and clear instructions on how to get replacement parts.  They both decided to take the Halo kit away with them and left me with the intellicigs.  We will see how they got on with it in the follow up video :).

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